Two and Three Year Old Classes

Our 2's and 3's class has four areas in which we are concentrating on. These areas are as follows:


  • Cutting on a straight line
  • Can glue but need a little assistance
  • Can hop on one foot twice or more
  • Can take apart/put together
  • Know how to unbutton and unzip
  • Can stir and spread


  • Common fears
  • Play in groups but do not always cooperate
  • Want to do grown-ups things
  • Have a great imagination (role play)


  • Make simple comparisons
  • Simple puzzles
  • Understand relationships
  • Match and classify by color, shape, size


  • Command of vocabulary
  • Speak in sentences of 4-6 words
  • Developing speech sounds
  • Guessing games, songs etc.
  • Story telling
  • Say our first and last name
  • Ask who, what, where, when, how questions
  • Trying new words

What we feel two and three-year-olds need is room for understanding and ways to feel successful. A consistent routine with activities and materials that meet the developmental needs will foster a well rounded environment.