Ceres Christian Preschool

Purpose & Philosophy

Our preschool understands that young children are in an important period of development, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. They need understanding guidance that respects them on an individual development level.

The first five years of children's lives can be exceedingly puzzling. They steadily increase their understanding of what is in the world around them. They obtain vocabulary and collect information that helps them to begin to communicate. They make progress in understanding complex and uncertain emotions. They learn how to adapt with peers, experiment imaginatively with varied elements and develop their inborn capacity for accomplishment. These developmental years are important to children's views and attitudes within their world. They begin to create future viewpoints and associations with others. We address all these areas of curiosity in a biblical manner.

We hope you will choose our preschool as the care place for your little one. We understand that the decision of the place and people involved in caring for your child is not a small one and would be honored for you to select us to fill such a task. We will do our best to foster his/her development as you, the parents, would at home. We ask that you please help us to better do this by staying in direct contact with us on a daily basis so that we may be the best extension of your home that we can possibly be.

We are located at 3502 Roeding Road, just east of Mitchell Road in Ceres. From Highway 99, exit Mitchell Road.
Phone: (209) 380-9319
Fax: (209) 537-8934
3502 Roeding Rd.
P.O. Box 187
Ceres, CA 95307